Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Make Your Own Simple Cheap Efficient Rocket Stove...

I love cooking on an open flame and I love rocket stoves. That doesn't make me a pyrothingamee, it just means I like getting back to basics. In fact if I don't get back to basics at least once a day then it hasn't been a good day.
I've been getting some material together to do a post on these wonderful cheap, simple to make and highly efficient camping stoves for a while so when I was over at Simon's Allotment and saw the one he made I had to share it with you.
It's basically two recycled smaller cans cut and fitted together to fit inside one bigger can.
All you need really is a pencil to make some guidelines, tin snips or heavy duty scissors, and some sand or even better, Vermiculite.
This little stove uses little twigs as fuel and is marvellous for camping or as an emergency cooker...

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  1. How ingenious! - even I could make one of those.

  2. That would cook anything. Nice stove.

  3. I love this. Simple to make out of re-used materials - the best way.

  4. Thanks for sharing my post. It's been pointed out to me that sand is not a very good insulator - other rocket stoves I've seen have used ash or vermiculite.

    1. can you fill it with small rocks? where does one even GET vermiculite?

  5. I'd like to have a go at making one of those. Very ingenious.

  6. Leaving the rim on the can and cutting out the top inside the rim would make that a much sturdier stove.

  7. If you use vermiculite, make sure it does not contain asbestos.

  8. I use Roxul AFB's that I have left over from treating my recording studio. That melts at 2150 F!!

  9. Great post! I've built several small stoves before building my large stove for the Sugar Bush. Check it out!