Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Flying Tortoise Logo...

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  1. Makes me think of the discworld of Terry Pratchet. Turtle and elephants floating through space; no beginning > no end? Better even here there and everywhere.

  2. Haha... Last night, when I decided to not let your blog just die, and instead do an archive dive and read all the old posts, I started at the wrong end of 2009, reading from August instead of January. Got that sussed now, so onward.

    I was impressed that your first post had 19 (now 20) comments until I realized that all but one (or maybe two now) were spam, and the naughty things that some of them point to !!!!

    The one genuine comment has an interesting phrase: "no beginning > no end?". Hmmm, was this some kind of prophecy, or was Ace3 just being a smartass? Will we ever know for sure??

    Be back tomorrow.